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Child Protection Policy

Child Protection

Hampshire Badminton Association Ltd has adopted the Child Protection Policy of Badminton England Limited. This is a living document and is liable to change from time time to keep it in line with current legislation.

A copy of the document can be viewed below.

Hampshire has appointed its own Child Protection Officer. She is:

Jan Harvey, 023 8055 1185 or stevejan58@btinternet.com

Jan can advise on all related matters. Those of you who are involved with working with children, whether coaching, running tournaments or junior clubs, should obtain Criminal Records Bureau Clearance. Jan not only has the forms to enable you to get the right level of check done, but can authenticate your documents and save you sending them away for authentification.

This is a serious issue, not only for the protection of our children bur also for the protection of our volunteers. Hampshire Badminton Association Ltd require that all Coaches and Tournament Organisers working for them have undergone the necessary checks.