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Masters (formerly Veterans)

Arguably the strongest growth area in our activities! Hampshire pioneered Veterans badminton some 20 years ago, thanks largely to our late life Vice-President Ken Milne. Now there are Inter-County Championships and Inter-County Leagues nationwide. Ken's part in this was recognised by the Badminton Association of England when they conferred on him the coveted English Badminton Award.

He has now passed away and the day-to-day running of the Masters' activities has passed to others. If you have any queries, please contact one of the joint co-ordinators:

Secretary: Mrs Linda Coombes on 01425 657166 or
Email: linda_coombes@sky.com

or Treasurer: Miss Margaret Houlton on 01962 869443 or                                       Email: mhoulton@gmail.com

Hampshire Masters' Silver Open Tournament, at the Westgate Badminton Centre:
Men's and Ladies' Doubles -   2017-18 tba
Mixed Doubles2117-18 tba

Entry forms will be available here in due course.

The Masters' Club used to meet on the 1st Sunday evening of the month throughout the year, at the Westgate Badminton Centre in Winchester. Sadly, it folded last season due to falling numbers.

It is not just Life that begins at 40 - so does Veterans' Badminton!